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Blue Ribbon School 2000-2001

Blue ribbon.jpg

California Distinguished School

1997 and again in 2012-2013

CA dist. sch.jpg
One person can make a difference.png

VES Principal

Mrs. Brooks.JPG


Laura Brooks

School address:

2121 Vineyard Dr.

Templeton, CA 93465

Phone:  805-434-5840

Fax:  805-434-3105

Twitter:  Laura@LauraLbrooks


School Conversations

Parental involvement means many things. VES loves in-class help, but that is only one way that you can be involved in your child's education. Try these evening conversations with your student(s):


Safe Pick-up and Drop off

At most drop off spots, cars roll through our parking lot within 15 minutes of the closing bell.. Keep in mind the VES to TES shuttle that can take your student into town at the end of the day (see ...more

Traffic flow map

Click to see the flow-map that will help you navigate through traffic at VES.

Bell Schedule



7:15 - 8:00 Before school supervision begins in the MPR

8:00 school starts for all students 

2:45 third grade release

2:50 fourth and fifth grade release
3:00 student supervision ends
1:40 third grade release
1:45 fourth and fifth grade release
All students released at 12:30

Attendance Line

If you child must be absent, please call the 24-hour absence verification line at (805) 434-5844.


For your convenience, our office hours are from - 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m everyday, 434-5840

attendance matters.jpg


Only 5 absences

Only 5 tardies!

Students are marked tardy when they are late in the morning or when signed - out from school for any portion of the day.  With the exception of doctor's appointments (be sure to get a note from your child's physician), these partial absences are counted into total absences per the State Attendance Review Board (SARB).    


School Profile Vineyard Elementary School (VES), a National Blue Ribbon School in 2001 and a California Distinguished School in 1997 and 2012, is located in a rural area two miles from the town of ...more

Art for Children

Art is alive at VES.  Click here to learn more about Art for Children and all things artistic at Vineyard Elementary.


Support the Arts

Enjoy the wonderful North County Day Camp offered by Art for Children.  See the center section for dates and locations.

GAFE forms

All students will need a signed Google Apps for Education (GAFE) form.  Download one here and return to your child's teacher.

Homework help!

The county has many resources for school and homework help that parents can access from home.  Click on this link to the ETC portal for more information.


VES also runs an after school homework club on Tues., Weds., and Fri. to assist as many students as possible.  If you are interested, please contact the school office.

TUSD goals 2016-17

Click here to link to the direction for our school district during 2016 - 17.

VES goals 2016-17

Click on these VES School Advisory Council (SAC) goals to learn more about what we hope to accomplish during the 2016-17 school year. Also, read our 2015-16 SAC survey results.

Office Staff

Clerk:  Mrs. Scarbough and Secretary:  Mrs. Hermes

  Mrs. Scarbrough and Mrs. Hermes

Mr. Fahey

Mr. Fahey

Mr. Cross

Mr. Cross

Math Changes!

Much has changed in the way we view and teach mathematics. 2+2 still equals 4, but there are many ways for students to think about these numbers and express their means of attaining answers. The ...more



Living on the fault line means living with the reality of minor and major quakes in our area.  Click here for information to protect your family in case an earthquake strikes.

Fire Safety!


Fire safety is a need to know skill.  Click here to see how you, too, can prevent fires in the home and in our environment.

Shelter in place.png

Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place

Shelter in place drills are used to protect students and staff from

  • chemical, radiological or biological contaminants released in the environment or

  • hostile situations that could ...more

T.U.S.D. Schools


Please note that external websites are listed for parent/student reference and are not the property or responsibility of Templeton Unified School District. Be sure to contact VES if you find any errors or glitches in websites listed on its webpage.

Main Entrance Quad Area VES Campus (1).jpg VES Campus.jpg

April 3 – After school enrichment class fliers coming home, due by Friday

April 3 - 5 for $5 Drive begins, fliers coming home

April 3 – Flow Map Principal’s Challenge sent home, due on April 21

April 5 – Full day of school, early release Wednesdays are April 19th and 26th

April 5 – 4th grade "Gold Dust or Bust", Evening Performance 6:00 to 7:30 PM

April 7 – After school enrichment fliers due

April 10 – 14 - Spring Break

April 17 – School Resumes

April 18 – SBA testing window begins

April 19 – Piano Class begins, Cooking Class begins, Violin continues

April 20 – Sewing Class begins, Bike Repair Class begins, Chess Club continues

April 21 - Flow Map Principal’s Challenge due

April 26 – Mid-trimester progress reports come home

April 26 – Kick-off reception for our student artists at Studios on the Park 4:00 PM

April 27 – 29 Studios on the Park showcases VES student artists.

studios on the park.png

Studios on the Park – We were so thankful for the opportunity to send ALL VES students to the Studios on the Park field trip.  Third graders made mosaic masks, fourth grade enjoyed making pottery, and fifth graders worked with silk screening.  This has been labeled, “The Best Field Trip Ever!” by our teachers.  If you have never been to the studios, you are in for a treat! A kick-off reception (yes, there will be cookies) will be held at Studios on the Park at 1130 Pine St., Paso Robles (between 11th and 12th Sts. (across from the city park) on April 27 at 4 PM.  You can also visit the displays from April 27-April 30, and enjoy touring the studios as well.

5 for $5 Drive

The VES Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and parent volunteers have organized a Five for $5 drive.  Some of the many things that can be funded through this drive are new character education programs, and other innovative initiatives such as after-school classes for enrichment and intervention, technology, safety upgrades, garden club, the Fab Lab (engineering), curriculum development, in-services, and staff training.  This will help VES add to funds provided by the district to enhance and ensure our ability to offer quality programs for our students.

A flier and envelope is coming home with details on how this works, but here is a quick run-down. The concept is simple (and participation is optional).

  • Each child takes a collection envelope and asks five friends or family members (or more) for $5 each (Checks made payable to the VES PTO).
  • Return your envelope to your child’s teacher.
  •  PTO and volunteers will do the rest and make sure funds are secured for rounding out this year and kick-starting 2017-2018.

Next Generation Science Standards

VES will be fully implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) during the 2016-17 school year.  If you would like to view these new standards, click here, and you will be directed to a grade by grade description of what is in store for your child's science future.

VES - Where rainbows begin and end!


The VES FabLab is in full swing!

The staff and students at VES are excited to be using our new FabLab.  Part science lab, part fabrication lab, this room will act like a Makers Space at our school.  Click on the resources tab above then find the link to our FabLab.  We hope you will want to join us in making the FabLab an integral part of the future at VES.  Contact Mrs. Brooks at if you want to be a FabDad or MakerMom and be added to the list of folks whose expertise, ideas, and/or helping hands can make this Makers' Space thrive and grow.



Every Student - Every Day!

Attendance at school means that your child won't miss out on learning.  Being prompt and being at school the entire day ensures that your child receives the full school experience.  This year Templeton Schools will be promoting, encouraging, and rewarding good attendance.  Be a part of something cool - BE IN SCHOOL!

drop off.jpg

Safe (and polite) drop-off and pick-up at VES

Be Safe and Be Polite are our two school rules.  Please model this for your children during pick-up and drop-off times.  

Here are some tips (and a map) to keep things moving while keeping your sanity.

  • AM coverage is available starting at 7:15 AM.  Drop off your VES student at this time (no sooner) and allow yourself time to commute to other schools or work.
  • Pull in front of or behind the cross walk entering in the school.  This is a safety zone for pedestrians.
  • Student safety is our utmost priority.  Please follow the directions of the adults on duty.
  • Do not pull through the exit lanes to cut ahead of other cars, or cut through the fifth grade parking lot to get into the 3rd grade area. It is dangerous (lots of kids and parents walking through the parking areas, and it is also impolite.
  • Pull forward.  Your child can walk to your car and you will make the people behind you very happy.
  • By the time everyone has a set schedule, it only takes 15 minutes from the sound of the closing bell to exit the campus.
  • We thank you for being a patient and courteous driver.  This is a good model for your children.  After all they will also be driving in a few short years.
box tops 2.jpg

Boxtops help PTO!

If you have ever seen those "Box tops for Education" labels on cereal, tissue boxes, etc., be sure to save them.   The PTO received 4,550 box tops, which means PTO should be getting a check for $455 in the next month or two! Thank you in advance for helping bring much needed money to our school.


Music classes


There is no doubt, and science proves it, music builds strong minds.  Take a look at this link, which will discuss the auditory pathways that develop in children who are exposed to music during the elementary years.



Violin classes will continue in 2017 through our partnership with the San Luis Youth Symphony.



Thanks to our partnership with Music Motive we continue to offer introductions to percussion, guitar, and piano at VES each year. We would like to thank the talented Mr. Bronkar for his ablilities with so many instruments. Guitar has begun in trimester two starting on January 18. Piano classes will round out the VES instrumental music offerings in trimester three. Keep an eye out for fliers coming home each trimester.  You can also click this link to connect to Music Motive and sign-up for piano.  Small keyboards are available from the school for check-out if you need a practice keyboard at home.




Cold v. Flu




When you are sick - take care of yourself

There is nothing worse than being sick (unless you are sick of being sick).  There is no replacement for a day at school, but when you are down and out we want you to stay home and get well.  Our school policy is to collect work for absent children during the time they are gone.  Look for it on your desk, or check with your teacher when you return. If you have to be out for three or more days, contact the office or your  teacher and we can arrange to have materials in the office for pick-up.  Please don't drop by the room to pick-up work, as the class will be busy working.

Independent Study Contracts (ISC) allow us to give your child homework/classwork in advance.  We need a week's prior notice with a completed ISC form. ISC's apply to absences of five or more days.  This is a win-win for your child and our school, as our students return from extended absences will be granted an"excused absence" (work must be turned in upon the child's return to class). Additionally, your child will be ready to be a part of the classroom again with minimum "catch-up" time needed!

Birthday Guidelines


Birthdays are special times for our students.  Each child is recognized during the morning announcements and with a special gift and visit from the principal.  Due to the growing number of students with allergies, we can no longer have edible treats in classrooms as a part of a birthday celebration.  Non-food items, such as pencils or small prizes are fine should parents wish to provide them.



Please click on attachment for April lunch menu.



Drama classes are gearing up for the play "The Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring". These run on Tuesdays/Thursdays with an evening performance on May 4 and and a second set of classes are run on Wednesdays/Fridays with a performance on May 12.  



Things to remember for success!

1.  Label jackets, hats, and lunch pails with your child's name.

2.  Memorize basic math facts +, -, x, /

3.  Have your child memorize their most important contact phone numbers.  It helps to have them practice how to make a phone call from school.  They will have to dial 9 for an outside line, then your number (minus the area code if you have an 805).

4.  Have your child memorize their lunch code, call the office for this number if needed.  It will be used for class lists, the cafeteria, computer access, library, etc. for their entire school career at TUSD.

5.  If it is raining, wear hats, jackets with hoods, or bring an umbrella.  Rainy days at school are fun, so be prepared to enjoy the wet weather.

6.  If it is hot, moderate yourself.  Drink fluids and seek out the shade.  Indoor options for hot days are always offered during lunch.


Supply Lists

Use this link to see school supply lists for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.

Resistance is futile...

You will be educated!

Resistance is futile.jpg
zebra lost and found.png

Lost and Found

On the last Friday of each month, the lost and found items at VES will be donated to charity.  Please look for missing items on a regular basis.

eagle pride edit.jpg

Local Weather



VES values its many parent volunteers.  Whether at home or in the classroom, we appreciate our partnership with families.  When helping at school, please check into the office before going to your child's classroom.  It's important for staff to know where volunteers are at all times when on site.  Thank you for your help!

school rules.jpg




Stop bullying in its tracks!

Bullying is defined as repeated behavior which targets a particular person. Fortunately, this is not a common occurance at VES, but occurances of behavior that are not "polite" or "safe" (our school ...more

Stand-up against bullying!

I WILL speak up instead of acting as a bystander.

I CHOOSE to participate in activities that don't involve teasing.

I FORGIVE others if they make poor choices.

I MODEL good behavior.

I ACCEPT others for their differences.

I INCLUDE others in group situations.

I WILL talk to an adult when there is a problem I cannot manage on my own.

I AM powerful in making a difference in my school.

School menu.jpg



Please click on attachment for April lunch menu.


Lunch money

To eliminate long lunch lines, please have your child place their money in an envelope with their student number.  This should be turned into the lunch envelope at the beginning of the school day, or to the drop box outside the cafeteria entrance.

school spirit items.jpg
Eureka math.jpg

Eureka Math Link for parents

Use these links for methods and ideas to help your child at home or with homework.  Eureka math is rigorous - but in the end, you will have a child who is a great mathematical thinker.

Basic facts move math along

Practice at home to become a master at basic facts and more!

Basic Facts

PPT, Word, Excel Viewers [Go]
Acrobat Reader [Go]

accelerated reader1.jpg
Links for teachers.jpg

Teacher/Staff Links

Fun websites for learning

Reach Your Teach


The California State Standards are here!

The California State standards are being fully implemented this school year.  The VES staff has worked diligently over the last two years to plan and prepare for these new educational requirements.  Click here to learn more about the California State Standards at each grade level.

escrip! An easy way to support VES!

students in a row.png

After school offerings at VES

Homework Club T-Th -  After school daily 2:45 - 3:45 PM  (early release days 1:45 - 2:45 PM) beginning Aug. 31

Garden Club - Each Thurs. 2:50 - 3:45

Chemistry of Cooking - Each Weds. 1:45 - 4:00 in Fab Lab C-3

Chess Club - Each Thurs. 2:45 - 3:50 in Art Room C-2

Sewing Class - Each Thurs 2:45 - 3:50 C-3

Bike Repair - Each Thurs 2:45 - 3:50 outside of the Fab Lab C-3

Violin Class - Each Weds. 1:45 - 2:45 (A partnership with the San Luis Obispo Youth Symphony)

Piano - Each Weds. 7:15 - 8:00 begins April 19.  Click here to sign up with Music Motive.  The school has small keyboards for check-out             if you need one.

Click on this video to see why your child should play a musical instrument!


Amazon Support for PTO

AmazonSmile is here!  It is simple and just a click adds .5% to much needed funding for our school.  Click here to find the link to AmazonSmile, then below the search bar on the home page it will say "Supporting TES VES PTO".  Please note that we are unable to order Bridge Books this year.  PTO is in need of volunteers to help with the many programs and fundraisers that support these summer extension resources.  However, you can go to Amazon, order Summer Bridge Books, and click onto AmazonSmile to help your child and your school at one time!