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Stand-up against bullying!


Bullying is defined as repeated behavior which targets a particular person.  Fortunately, this is not a common occurance at VES, but occurances of behavior that are not "polite" or "safe" (our school rules) do occur.  When they do...


1.  Help your child with immediate ways of working through tough situations.

2.  Contact your child's teacher

3.  Contact the VES principal


The VES teachers, field supervisors, principals, and support staff work diligently to keep our finger on the pulse of our school climate.  We are here to help you and can immediately work to stop poor behavior on campus. Unfortunately, we can't be everywhere at once.  We don't know what we don't know, so we need you and your child's help identifying problems before they grow!


Some ideas to help you and your child deal with peer issues can be found at Kid's Health.  Click here and search their extensive website for many tips from nutrition to emotional support.


I WILL speak up instead of acting as a bystander.

I CHOOSE to participate in activities that don't involve teasing.

I FORGIVE others if they make poor choices.

I MODEL good behavior.

I ACCEPT others for their differences.

I INCLUDE others in group situations.

I WILL talk to an adult when there is a problem I cannot manage on my own.

I AM powerful in making a difference in my school.