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Vineyard Elementary School

Templeton Unified School District


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    5th Grade

    4th Grade

    3rd Grade

    **Posting of class lists: Aug. 16, 5:00 pm**

    Attendance Line

    Please call the 24-hour absence verification line

    (805) 434-5844  

    VES office hours are - 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m Monday - Friday

    Bell Schedule

    Regular Daily Schedule

    7:15  Before school supervision begins
    8:00  School starts for all students 
    2:45  3rd grade release
    2:50  4th and 5th grade release
    3:00  Student supervision ends

    Early Release Wednesdays

    1:40  3rd grade release
    1:45  4th and 5th grade release

    Minimum Days
    All students released at 12:30


    For Parents, Guardians & Students: Track grades, attendance and list of assignments.

    The new Web Link for Powerschool

    Parents & guardians the Parent Single Sign-on reference guide.

    PowerSchool Parent Portal User Guide


    Things to remember for success!

    1.  Label jackets, hats, and lunch pails with your child's name.

    2.  Memorize basic math facts +, -, x, /

    3.  Have your child memorize their most important contact phone numbers.  It helps to have them practice how to make a phone call from school.  They will have to dial 9 for an outside line, then 1 and your number including the area code e.g. 9-1-805-XXX-XXX.

    4.  If you receive a call from school, please listen to the message prior to calling back.  Often it will be your child calling from class reminding you of an early release day.  The office will not always know why you were called, but it will be on your phone message.  Also ensuring that your voice mailbox has room to receive messages is very helpful.

    5.  Have your child memorize their lunch code, call the office for this number if needed.  It will be used for class lists, the cafeteria, computer access, library, etc. for their entire school career at TUSD.

    6.  If it is raining, wear hats, jackets with hoods, or bring an umbrella.  Rainy days at school are fun, so be prepared to enjoy the wet weather.

    7.  If it is hot, moderate yourself.  Drink fluids and seek out the shade.  Indoor options for hot days are always offered during lunch.

    Stand-Up to Bullying

    Bullying is defined as repeated behavior which targets a particular person.  Fortunately, this is not a common occurance at VES, but occurances of behavior that are not "polite" or "safe" (our school rules) do occur.  When they do...

    1.  Help your child with immediate ways of working through tough situations.

    2.  Contact your child's teacher

    3.  Contact the VES principal

    The VES teachers, field supervisors, principals, and support staff work diligently to keep our finger on the pulse of our school climate.  We are here to help you and can immediately work to stop poor behavior on campus. Unfortunately, we can't be everywhere at once.  We don't know what we don't know, so we need you and your child's help identifying problems before they grow!

    Some ideas to help you and your child deal with peer issues can be found at Kid's Health.  Click here and search their extensive website for many tips from nutrition to emotional support.

    I WILL speak up instead of acting as a bystander.

    I CHOOSE to participate in activities that don't involve teasing.

    I FORGIVE others if they make poor choices.

    I MODEL good behavior.

    I ACCEPT others for their differences.

    I INCLUDE others in group situations.

    I WILL talk to an adult when there is a problem I cannot manage on my own.

    I AM powerful in making a difference in my school.

    History / Social Sciences

    wordleThe new California History/Social Science Framework will be fully implemented this year.  Vineyard Elementary is excited to continue use of the newspaper approach to this subject area through Social Studies Weekly.  To learn more about the framework, click here.  The standards themselves can be found through this link.

    Math Homework Help

    Parent Tips from Great Minds--Read on to learn a little bit about Eureka Math:Eureka Math

    Eureka Math is a complete, PreK–12 curriculum and professional development platform. It follows the focus and coherence of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and carefully sequences the progression of mathematical ideas into expertly crafted instructional modules. This curriculum is distinguished not only by its adherence to the CCSS; it is also based on a theory of teaching math that is proven to work. That theory posits that mathematical knowledge is conveyed most effectively when it is taught in a sequence that follows the “story” of mathematics itself. This is why we call the elementary portion of Eureka Math "A Story of Units." The sequencing has been joined with successful methods of instruction that have been used in this nation and abroad. These methods drive student understanding beyond process and into deep mastery of mathematical concepts. The goal of Eureka Math is to produce students who are not merely literate, but fluent, in mathematics. Your student has an exciting year ahead, discovering the story of mathematics!

    Grade 3:

    Grade 4:

    Grade 5:

    Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

    VES  has fully implemented the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  If you would like to view these new standards  you will be directed to a grade by grade description of science in the 21st century.

    Powerschool Location Update

    Parents and Students - We've updated the location of PowerSchool - the new URL Link is:

    If you use the mobile app on iOS or Android, PowerSchool tells us the way to get it to re-sync with our new PowerSchool host is to delete your app, re-download the app from the AppStore or Google Play Store, and then re-sign in.

    Our PowerSchool District Code is:


    Email if you have any further questions.

    ~AJ Alsup & the Tech Team

    VES Principal


    Laura Brooks

    School address:

    2121 Vineyard Dr.

    Templeton, CA 93465

    Phone:  805-434-5840

    Fax:  805-434-3105

    Twitter:  Laura@LauraLbrooks



    Teacher Websites

    Several of our VES Teachers have websites with homework and other information for parents and students.

    Dorwyne Johnson - 5th Grade - Teacher Website

    Lisa Delgadillo - 5th Grade - Teacher Website

    Kirk Condell - 5th Grade - Teacher Website

    Michaela Pepple - 4th Grade - Teacher Website

    Lost & Found

    zebra lost and foung
    On the last Friday of each month, the lost and found items at VES will be donated to charity.  Please look for missing items on a regular basis.

    Art for Children

    Art is alive at VES.  Click here to learn more about Art for Children and all things artistic at Vineyard Elementary.

    California Distinguished School

    1997 and again in 2012-2013

    California Distinguished School

    VES Blue Ribbon

    Blue Ribbon School 2000-2001

    blue ribbon shcool

    Our School

    About Us


    TUSD exists to engage and work collaboratively with students, families and the community to create systems which develop character, academics, global awareness as well as economic, artistic, civic, digital and health literacy allowing our youth numerous options in the pursuit of an ethical and successful life in the 21st Century. With relationships as our foundation, we provide timely and caring feedback which guides progress and ensures success.


    TUSD is an educational system where stakeholders are empowered, respected and adequately resourced to deliver broad-based and effective pathways from which student and employee outcomes are self-determined as a result of individual talents, interests and choices. The fundamental values of integrity, perseverance, excellence and local control are apparent in all interactions between staff members and during interactions with the public.

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